Thursday, May 28, 2009

Florida Custom ABU 6500

I put this together from spare ABU 6500 parts I had laying around. Left side plate from a Mag Elite. Right side plate from a Sport Mag. Elite frame and stock spool. Spins like a top with the mags off. Go Gators??? I'll put it on a rod wrapped with FSU colors just to appease everyone. Maybe I will just send it to Tim Tebow to use when he is back in town.
Even though I love the ABU 6500, the Sport Mag was probably the poorest designed reel in the 6500 Mag series. I use them for parts only now. It is hard enough to adjust to the drag system on an ABU but the mag control on the Sport Mag makes it almost impossible to fall in love with this reel. The mag control consists of a ring rather than a slide lever. This ring will corrode and lock up very easily making the mags virtually useless. It also has a palming style left side plate with no tension control knob. I like my version better with the slidy and CT cage. I did come up with a way to convert the ring with a slidy mag control and it only involves a few additional parts from ABU . Stay tuned for the diagram.

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